Founder’s Weekend

Re-enactment and Colonial Trade Fair

July 15 & 16, 2017


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Founder’s Weekend re-enactment and colonial trade fair on Van Rensselaer (Lighthouse) Point is a commemoration of Ogdensburg’s French colonial roots. The weekend is a colorful tribute to the founding of Fort de La Présentation in 1749 through to the end of the French period in 1760 with the Battle of the Thousand Islands, which was the last battle of the French and Indian War.

The action-packed weekend attracts a range of re-enactors from Canada and the United States. Many from Quebec descend from the men who served here more than 250 years ago in regular and militia regiments. Similarly, many Americans portray the provincials and rangers raised in the areas in which they now live, and some may have had ancestors serving in those long-age units.

White canvas tents run the length of the point defining the well ordered French and British camps, the cluster in the Navy camp, the hodge-podge of navy tents and the array of merchants and civilian trades. 

History comes to life in the range of 18th-century daily activities from the preparation of meals to battles on land and water. Medical care and black smithing, fife and drums, spinning and quilting are some of the activities visitors may encounter.

Soldiers in bright uniforms drill and patrol their camps against enemy incursion. Skirmishes pop up throughout the day, and there are morning clashes on the river and afternoon battles on land. (Visitors can watch the battle from bleachers.)


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Founder’s Weekend is open to re-enactors by invitation. Preference will be given to individuals or groups that have attended Founder’s Day Weekend in previous years and accurately depict mid-18th-century French and British military and civilian life, and Native society.

Founder’s Weekend

Battle of the 1,000 Islands


For more than a decade re-enactors have assembled on Van Rensselaer (Lighthouse) Point to commemorate Ogdensburg’s French colonial history. The military re-enactment and living history event draws re-enactors, historians and colonial artisans from New York, Ontario and Quebec, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states and provinces. Fort de la Présentation founded in 1749 by Abbé Francois Picquet was a mission to Roman Catholic Iroquois and their allies. In the mid-1750s, the surrounding native populations from both shores of the St. Lawrence River and adjacent islands neared 3,000 from which warriors joined the French in their conflict with England during the French and Indian War. Fort de la Présentation was abandoned in 1759 when the British gained the upper hand in the war and most of the Native population dispersed. In 1760, the two-part Battle of the Thousand Islands signaled the end of the French régime in North America. The French vessels L’Outauaise was captured by British gunboats off Isle Royale in August and later that month Fort Lévis (on what is now known as Chimney Island) surrendered to the British after more than a week long artillery bombardment. Fort de la Lévis, defended by about 300 French, Canadian troops and Native Americans fell to an Anglo-American Army over 10,000 strong. In September 1760, Montreal surrendered and Canada officially joined the other American colonies as part of the British Empire after the signing of the Treaty of Ghent in 1763. This history is commemorated at Founder’s Weekend.



Sponsored By: The Fort La Présentation Association (www.fort1749) and Forsyth’s Rifles

When: Friday, July 15, Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17, 2017 from 10:00 AM – 2:00PM.

Where: St. Lawrence Valley Sportsman’s Club, 25 Sportsman’s Club Rd., Ogdensburg, NY

To Benefit: The construction of a waterfront, recreation trail on Lighthouse Point, Ogdensburg, NY.

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