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You are invited to join the effort to rebuild historic Fort de la Présentation, this outpost on the crossroads of history – which played a vital role in the formation of both America and Canada.

Fort de la Présentation should stand again as a symbol of the United States and Canada’s deep historical roots and the growth of North America. Become a member of the Fort La Présentation Association and show your pride in our remarkable heritage.

Memberships are for a one-year period based on the date of joining and are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.  A printable membership form is available here.

The Fort La Présentation Association is a registered non-profit organization. Your tax-deductible donations are appreciated!

Membership Categories
Adult Youth (under 18)
Sergeant $25 Private $5
Lieutentant $50 Corporal $10
Captain $75
Major $100 Family/Business/Group
Colonel $500 Scouting Party (up to 10) $50
General $1000 Platoon (11-25) $100
Regiment (25-50) $500
Brigade (over 50) $1000


Help Build Our Interpretive Center  


Make a Monumental Contribution!


The Fort La Présentation Association has begun the Monumental Phase of construction efforts on the Fort site.

Donations are now being invited to fund the construction of an Interpretive Center to provide:

  • A permanent, year-round venue on the Fort site
  • An indoor location for historic and community events
  • Displays and exhibits showcasing the history of the Fort and efforts to restore the site

Major Gifts Level –$1,000

Donors at this level will receive a framed print of the Abbé Piquet Monument, which was relocated to the Fort property in July 2009, kicking off the Monumental Phase of the Campaign

You can make a contribution now using the Donate Now button, or download a contribution form to pledge a donation over time of three years.

Support is also needed for annual operations and the Fort’s endowment fund.

Donations of any amount welcome.

The Campaign for Fort de la Preséntation – History Worth Fighting For!

Present Day: map prepared by Garret Cook, an archeologist with the Anthropology Dept. at the New York State University at Potsdam, who directed excavations at the site of Fort de la Presentation


Fort La Présentation Association
PO Box 1749
Ogdensburg, NY 13669