2019 Battle of Ogdensburgh Reenactment

A warm February date greeted reenactors and spectators on Saturday the 23rd. The battle raged through the streets of Ogdensburg on the same streets that saw the original battle 206 years ago.

Prior to the battle there were exhibits open to the public at The Sherman Inn. After the battle Dallas Robinson delivered the lecture ” A Conversation with a Veteran of the Battle of Ogdensburgh”. The annual Winter Ball in the style of an English country dance started at 7 PM at The Sherman Inn.

On Sunday a wreath was placed on the headstone of Sheriff Joseph York, hero of the battle. His story was recounted, a prayer from George Washington was recited, and a honorary volley was fired.

March to the York grave site.
The story of Sheriff York. A man the British saw as “too brave to kill”.
Laying the wreath.
The volley.
Mr. & Mrs. York – together forever !

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