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Now is the time to join or renew your Fort La Présentation Association Membership!
Plans for the Abbé Picquet Plaza and Interpretive Trail, which was completed in 2018 thanks to our members support.

The Fort Association is proud of the progress we have achieved; that success is directly due to the on-going support of our membership.  As a Fort member, your money supports our promotional and educational events, as well as site maintenance. Your membership is crucial to our continued progress. Without you, we would never have come this far.

The effort to reconstruct the Fort has reached the construction phase with the Abbé Picquet Plaza and Interpretive Trail.  Your membership helps with the increased maintenance and insurance associated with the half million-dollar trail. Your membership support will help provide the base of operating dollars needed to continue our efforts; our membership numbers will attract additional donations and grants to meet our construction needs.  Your vital support of this project is an investment in our community, contributing to our economic development through cultural tourism, providing family oriented educational programming, and boosting pride in our community’s heritage.

Your Support Will See Our 2021 Goals Happen

Improving and maintaining the Trail and grounds, building a period bake oven, permanently outlining Fort de la Présentation, allowing not-for-profits to use the grounds, continuing our existing events while increasing the number of programs.  Also, we are making our financial information available at the Ogdensburg Public Library.

On behalf of the entire Board of the Fort La Présentation Association, thank you for standing by our side in the past, and for being with us now, as we lay the foundation for reconstructing the Fort. We invite you to lead the way, as you have in the past, by either renewing your membership at this time or joining the Fort La Présentation Association.

At this time though, membership forms can be printed out and sent in to the Fort Association with a check. Please see the below file, which is our membership form.

Fort La Présentation Association Membership Form


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