Visit Fort de la Presentation

Fort la Presentation is located at Rte. 68, Downtown Arterial Hwy, Ogdensburg, NY.

Upcoming Events…

  • March 18: Hitch up your sleighs and come down to the Fort de La Présentation site on Van Rensselaer Point, 22 Albany Ave., in Ogdensburg, New York and discover the history and importance of maple sugar production in the North Country and witness history happening before your eyes as living historians make maple sugar the 18th century way! Saturday, March 18th, 2023, from 12:00pm to 3:00 pm, if weather permits. A rain date of April 1, 2023 has been chosen.
  • July 15, 16: Le Siège du Fort de La Présentation. Formerly Founder’s Weekend, the Siege of Fort La Presentation will bring re-enacters from throughout the U.S. and Canada help celebrate Ogdenburg’s French colonial history, and to live life as people did during the French and Indian War. The weekend seeks to recreate history and bring it to life, as one re-enactor said. The event has been ongoing for a decade and is especially intructive to children who can touch, feel and live history. Participants dressed in clothing from the time period show how they lived, made sashes, wove baskets, started fires and threw tomahawks. A complete schedule is forthcoming.
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