Fort la Présentation Interpretive Panels

Winding along our 25 acres on Van Rensselaer Point is the Abbé Picquet Trail, the Abbé Picquet Monument and associated memorial garden. Dotted along the landscape are a number of interpretive panels that outline the historical and ecological importance of Van Rensselaer Point.

For those who cannot visit Van Rensselaer in person and want to learn more about Fort de la Présentation, please see our below imagery for the eleven panels on site.

To enlarge an image, place your cursor over the image, right-click you mouse, and select “Open Image in New Tab.”

The Abbé Picquet Trail is an approximately 1.25 mile-long waterfront trail that provides visitor parking and access to the Abbé Picquet Memorial Obelisk/plaza, picnicking areas, benches for quiet contemplation, interpretive panels on the natural and cultural history of the St. Lawrence River Valley and the Ogdensburg community. The trail is open to the public for a wide range of activities, including, walking/running, cycling, snowshoeing, skiing, picnicking, fishing, bird watching, heritage education, and ship watching. Additionally, the Abbé Picquet Trail does have a functional connection to the City of Ogdensburg’s Maple City Trail.

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