2019 LHD

Old toys can be enjoyed by today’s kids too !

This year LHD had to be moved into the Lockwood Arena due to wet grounds on the point. Students did get a walking tour of the grounds as one of the presentations. Fourth and seventh grade students from Heuvelton and OFA enjoyed the day away from their desks and were very well behaved and attentive participants in the activities offered.

Eighteenth-century re-enactors and heritage interpreters demonstrated open-hearth cooking, colonial toys, colonial lighting, tin-smithing, cannon shooting, cartridge rolling, bucket races, and other traditional activities.

A tin smith’s work.

Support, financial and material, is donated by the Heuvelton Parent Teacher Association, the Heuvelton Teacher’s Association, the Ogdensburg Education Association, the Morristown Teacher’s Association, and the Heuvelton Lions Club.

Judy Ryan kept LHD on schedule !

St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES coordinates a School/Curriculum Improvement Program, allowing the two participating schools to split the cost of the presenters and admission fees.

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